Central Texas.

I’m so disgusted with people…

I want to just steal the few people I know that aren’t complete asshats and live on a commune..
Beach or mountains sound pretty good..


not even sure if i’ll pass this class but idgaf because this means at least a couple weeks of freedom.

sooo…. LSD

i recently babysat a friend while he was on acid… which was really intriguing for me.
i’ve wanted to try it for years but i never trusted any of the people who tried to get me to do it.
but now i’ve become good friends with 2-3 that i wouldn’t mind tripping around, i’m pretty confident they could keep me from freaking out if need be lol.
and then i saw an episode of mad men where a husband and wife tripped together.
which added a new requirement for my future significant other: must be willing to take trips with me. both physical and chemical haha.

reyvan005 on Flickr.In addition to returning to tumblr, I’ve also updated my Flickr… 
….so here we are….

reyvan005 on Flickr.

In addition to returning to tumblr, I’ve also updated my Flickr…

….so here we are….

my tumblr is 4?

i can remember spending hours on here when i first got my account. how crazy.

but thanks for the email tumblr. lol.

2014 has been a year of revelations for me. I can finally say that I am getting where i want to be, and i’m actually hopeful of whats going to come.
i still don’t know when everything is going to fall in place, where i’ll be come december, if i’m going to graduate, where i’ll be living, what i’m going to do with my life, how i’m going to have the oh so disappointing talk(s) with my parents about my general outlook on life but for once I DON’T CARE.

this is probably one of the more liberating feelings for me ever. As a person with some hefty anxiety issues, being completely unsure of things used to freak me the fuck out. But the last few months have been put to use regrouping my life, I can finally truly say that i don’t need anyone else’s approval to feel happy. I have done some major spring cleaning in my life, cutting out the people with parasitic personalities that i have put up with for years, I’ve started being more in-tune with my vibes of people and due to that I’ve met some of my favorite people ever. Focusing on furthering those relationships has shown me more about the person i’m trying to become which gives me goosebumps thinking about it.

Yesterday was one of those days that just made me crave to journal, but i’m just now getting the chance to as i wait for my film to finish scanning.

i’m sure every student has these days every so often, especially around finals time, but this being my 1st semester back, its a bit rough for me to get my time management back on track. i started thinking about how many things i need to do and what little time i have to do them

today is even worse. its like no matter what i do the universe is working against me. someone steals my ceramics tools so i’m shit out of luck there for awhile, i try to come print my images and people are fiddling around on facebook on the computers that are connected to the printers.
i keep catching myself getting super short haired about all of it.
but then i remind myself: Sunflowers

Sunflowers, since high school, have represented the positive attitude that I try to maintain. These beautiful flowers literally make me squeal with glee when i see them randomly on the side of the road. They are a little reminder to always face the sun, and thrive in it. I have no time for darkness and negativity in my life. I saw a patch on my way up to San Marcos today, and now that everything keeps going opposite of what i had plan, i keep thinking, “but the sunflowers Jordan”

Fuck school. I just want to get through this semester alreadyyyy.

4/24: Dead The Poets (CD Release) with Mad-1, Apaso, Guuru Sagod, Mr. Composition, Robby Forte, SpyMC, Evolve, Amaze, Bombshelter Crew, Ether and Same Diffrnc, plus “EDM Thursdays” @ The Falls



FREE FOR 21+ UNTIL 10:30 P.M. & $5 AFTER






Dead The Poets: WebsiteFacebookTwitter


Paul Salaz: FacebookReverbNationTwitter


HiveMind: FacebookSoundCloudTwitter

heading there as soon as my photos upload to san mo Chris Cards i’m coming for you virgo twinnnnn

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brain cleanse

I watched the Emma Watson version of “Perks of being a Wallflower” and the opening scene made me want to journal again. I always do good for a week or so and then I fall off. Things get busy and my anxiety kicks in and I de-prioritize writing. I think I just get frustrated that my hand can’t keep up with my brain. I think way to fast for me to even fully process into writing and I get off track and go on tangents and get frustrated.
Then I remembered something that I had told a friend of mine a few weeks ago, we were discussing how he has the same problem and I suggested that he keep a digital journal. I seem to keep my focus better when my my fingers are typing. Either way, tumblr came to mind so here we are.
I don’t think very many people if any will read this and it wont get lost like the 34 different journals and sketchbooks I tend to write in at random when I get the itch. I still think a voice recorder would be best. I wish talk-to-text apps worked better for me but one of these days…

Maybe I can keep up with this a bit better this time


Double exposure portraits by Aneta Ivanova


escondi-me nos livros pra não dar-te espaço no pensamento | Flickr – 相片分享! on We Heart It.


escondi-me nos livros pra não dar-te espaço no pensamento | Flickr – 相片分享! on We Heart It.

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Lomography Tag of the Day - kids


Lomography Tag of the Day - kids

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Candle Lit on Flickr.

it would mean the world to me if you would take the time to read this…

I’m a firm believer in the power of numbers.

My coworkers Lindsey and Cory had their 1st child about 3 months premature. She weighed under 2lbs. Olivia has made it through the past 2 months decently well, but this past week her lungs began to have complications.

Cory serves in the U.S. army, he deployed to Cuba this past weekend.

Olivia has been struggling recently with lung issues. Well, tonight as we were closing down the bar, My owner gets a call from frantic Lindsey saying that Olivia’s condition has gotten extremely serious.

She is battling for her tiny little life.

8 doctors are working on trying to stabilize her.

her blood pressure has dropped dramatically
but her heart rate is not steady at all…

I know my blog is pretty insignificant in the tumblr realm, and I’m cool with that. But as i said earlier, i believe in the power of people coming together. So regardless of religion and whatnot, please take a moment to pray, meditate, send positive or healing vibes, or whatever it is that you could possibly do to feed energy to little Olivia.

Share if you’d care to. We love this babygirl and we are all anxiously waiting for her to pull through.

power of positive thinking. firm believer.


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